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Needle Exchange Services

Needle exchange is a valuable and effective service that aims to improve the health of those who may share drug injecting equipment – either for the injection of steroids for body-building or for recreational drug use.

Providing clean injecting equipment and encouraging the safe disposal of used equipment helps reduce the spread of infections such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C. The provision of information and advice on issues such as safer injecting and safer steroid use also reduces the risk of other problems such as overdose and infected injection sites.

Needle exchange services are provided from a range of sites across Southwark including drug and alcohol services and community pharmacists.

A specific advice and needle exchange service for steroid users is offered through the Kappa Project.

Blackfriars Community Drug and Alcohol Team is one of the fixed-site services that offers needle exchange.

Details of community pharmacists participating in the Needle Exchange scheme can be found by clicking here.