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If you would like to speak to someone about drug & alcohol support in Southwark please ring our free confidential 24/7 single point of contact line (SPOC line).


Southwark Treatment and Recovery Partnership (STARP) is an alliance of drug and alcohol service providers and service users. It aims to give those with substance misuse problems the opportunity to achieve lasting change and move towards a life free from drugs and alcohol.

STARP recognises that different people need different things in order to achieve this. Some may require only brief contact with a service. For others, recovery may involve not only treatment but also other types of support such as accommodation, work skills, relationship counselling and family support.

By working in partnership, STARP ensures that an individual receives the best and most appropriate types of treatment, support and aftercare needed to achieve their goals. For further information please click on one of the links below:

Treatment has saved my life. Treatment changed my life completely. I think differently now and act different in situations. Recovery has taught me how to deal with problems instead of running away from them.
WF Southwark Service User